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Is the ocean cargo limited to US region?

We are operating globaly and despite our US freight being the most recognized, we are not limited to it. Nulla dictum blandit urna sit amet maximus. Sed eu aliquet mi. Etiam sed consequat erat, a egestas enim. Proin aliquet aliquam dui, quis facilisis libero porttitor sit amet. Aenean consequat, risus et vehicula pretium, enim dolor eleifend odio, id dapibus lectus purus eu leo. Nullam elementum nisl a aliquet tincidunt. Suspendisse elementum urna nisi, ut vestibulum urna volutpat eget. Donec leo enim, elementum quis porta ac, viverra nec eros.

I have smaller cargo to import from China, are there any limitations size-wise?

We are able to take care for cargo without the size limit. The fees for this kind of cargo will be relatively bigger compared to the standard container sized cargo, but we made sure the prices are still amongst the cheapest on the market.

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