Our Opportunity Zone Investing

Four Points Funding is a real estate investment firm and developer focused on Opportunity Zones across Colorado's emerging communities. Our Opportunity Zone Funds primarily invest in multifamily housing and outdoor hospitality, targeting community benefits alongside competitive returns. Our investments aspire to lead impactful community developments that improve towns and the livelihood of their current and future residents, as well their visitors.

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"Recognized leader in Opportunity Zones."

Four Points Funding was recognized as a leading Opportunity Zone fund nationally in The Forbes OZ 20: Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts, a partnership between Forbes Magazine and the Sorenson Impact Center. Read More.

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"Experienced practitioners like Four Points prove that OZs can generate both impact and returns. More investors should follow their lead."

Four Points Funding was recognized for investing largely in projects in more rural communities, which are often left out of the national conversation. In Colorado, the growth in rural areas is outpacing urban centers. Read More.

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Opportunity Zones Explained

By investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund now, investors both defer and reduce their tax liability on their recently realized capital gains. The primary OZ benefit, however, is the complete elimination of taxes on gains earned within the Opportunity Zone Fund. If you are unfamiliar with the required timing of investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund or how the benefits work, we encourage reading about the basics.

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