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How it works

1. Realize and Invest Cap Gains

Investors have 180 days after realizing capital gains to invest it in an Opportunity Zone fund. Both the gain and the associated tax are invested in to the fund. Capital gains of any kind, including gains from stock or real estate, can be invested. Unlike 1031 exchanges, only gains are invested, allowing investors to extract their original basis. If the capital gain came from a partnership, the investor has until the end of the calendar year and 180 days into the following year to invest.

2. Defer Taxes

By investing their capital gains, investors get to defer their capital gain taxes realized today until 2026. This enables the investment of taxes that would have otherwise been paid to the government.

3. Reduce Taxes

If the capital gains are left in an Opportunity Zone fund for 5 years, a 10% step up in basis is applied (tooltip on step up in basis: a step-up in basis readjusts the value of an appreciated asset, providing a new cost-basis and lowering the tax liability), which equates to a 10% reduction in taxes. After the capital gains are invested for 7 years, an additional 5% step up is basis is applied, totalling in a 15% basis step up. With 2026 being the year tax is owed, 2019 is the last year to be invested for 7 years in an Opportunity Zone fund and receive a 15% basis step up. 2021 is the last year to receive a 10% basis step up.

4. Eliminate Taxes

After 10 years of being invested, all appreciation made within the opportunity zone investment can be realized tax free. That’s 100% forgiveness of taxes for gains made in the OZ, resulting in a large boost (projected around 30%) to returns.

All Four Points funds have a 10 year hold requirement, which realizes all Opportunity Zone tax benefits.

Multifamily Housing Portfolio

Eddy Apartments

Grand Junction, CO

Operational as of August 1, 2022 and was fully occupied shortly thereafter. 96 unit apartment development that borders the Colorado River and Las Colonias Park, which is a new $14M city investment that includes green space, an amphitheater, lakes and river access.

Altitude Apartments

Glenwood Springs, CO

Operational as of November 1, 2022 with strong leasing. 100 unit apartment development that borders open space and the RFTA Park & Ride stop, which transports people to from the airport, Aspen, Carbondale and Snowmass.

Prospector Apartments

Estes Park, CO

Breaking ground Fall 2022. 94 unit apartment development located on 5.9 acres adjacent to hiking and mountain biking trails. Current entitlement includes an 1800sf day care center on site.

Nexus Apartments

Grand Junction, CO

Breaking ground early 2023. Planned development of 122 units comprised of 36 one bed / one bath apartments, 36 two bed / two bath apartments, and 50 three bed / two bath townhomes. Planned “agri-hood” with a 2-acre working farm.

Boulders Apartments

Buena Vista, CO

Breaking ground Fall 2022. Planned 45 parcels in a master subdivision. Each parcel will have a single-family home with 3 bed / 2.5 baths, as well as a 1 car detached garage with an ADU above it. This will be treated as 90 rentals that can be rented separately.

Meeker Apartments

Meeker, CO

Operational and fully occupied. Purchase of existing 32 unit apartment development. With new property management in place the residents are much more pleased.

East School Apartments

Trinidad, CO

Under construction. An elementary school that is being converted to 17 studios, a 3,000 square foot industrial kitchen, and additional workspace. This project was made possible by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and Historic Tax Credits.

Timber Glen Apartments

Craig, CO

Operational and fully occupied. Purchase of existing 54 unit apartment development. With new property management in place the residents are much more pleased. Updating units as they turn over.

Southeast Colorado Communities

Springfield, Olney Springs, Las Animas, & Granada, CO

Under construction. Contracted to purchase 64 units of newly constructed attached homes across 4 communities in southeastern Colorado markets. These units are provided with strong leadership and cooperation of the municipal governments.

Gauge Apartments

Durango, CO

Under construction. Planned development of 89 units located adjacent to trailheads and the Animas River south of downtown Durango.

Fieldhouse Apartments

Idaho Springs, CO

Breaking ground Spring 2023. Ground-up development of 119 units of multifamily residential apartments. Fully entitled and own the land.

Outdoor Hospitality Portfolio

Trail and Hitch


Trail and Hitch is a tiny home village and RV park adjacent to mountain biking, hiking, hunting, off-roading, and downtown Meeker.

BV Overlook Camp & Lodging


Purchase, expansion and rebrand of the Buena Vista KOA. The site has some of the best views and outdoor access in Colorado.

Desert Reef Hot Springs


Desert Reef has several hot spring pools and lodging adjacent to the Royal Gorge and the Great Sand Dunes.

Trailhead Cabins & Lodging


Trailhead has A-frames, cabins, a sixteen unit motel, and a restaurant downtown Meeker.

Cedar Creek Lodging & RV Park


Purchase, expansion and renovation of an existing RV Park. The site is a mix of long-term RVs, short-term RVs, tiny homes and glamping.



CampV is 120 acres of beautiful desert, art, trails, and lodging situated between Telluride and Moab.

Camp Eddy


Adjacent to the Eddy Apartments, the property is on the Colorado River offering guests to choose from 16 Airstreams, 8 tiny homes, and 40 RV spots for nightly accommodation.

Super 8 Motel


Purchase and renovation of the Super 8 just south of downtown Durango. This is our first traditional hospitality investment and has 85 rooms with great access to the Animas River and trailheads.

Warehouse Food Hall


Located in Craig, the Warehouse has a coffeeshop, bar, bakery, market, and three food vendors.