Our Opportunity Zone Funds

Four Points Funding is actively raising and deploying diversified Opportunity Zone funds across Colorado's emerging communities. In order to do this successfully, we are targeting high returns to attract the scale of capital required to create the transformational impact Opportunity Zone's are designed to generate.

Each fund that Four Points creates is composed of strong real estate investments that are further enhanced by the Opportunity Zone incentive. The greatest long-term investment opportunity in our state exists in over-looked communities that are now some of the fastest growing in the country.


Four Points has unmatched community relationships and knowledge, ensuring the best diligence and investments.

Regional Expertise
Deal Flow
Robust Investment Advisory


Four Points is poised to be the leading Opportunity Zone fund in our fast growing state with our geographical focus.

Large Population Growth
Undervalued and Diversified Assets
Cohesive Ecosystem


Activating investments and investors supporting a strategy of additive investments with strong returns.

Private Equity Real Estate
Opportunity Zone Fund
Angel Syndicate

Actively Raising a Series of Real Estate Funds

Currently, our first fund is open to accredited investors and will close January 2, 2020. All investments are in areas primed for great returns, are cash-flowing, and are bolstered by the tax benefits of investing in Opportunity Zones. Each fund is diversified across investments such as multi-family housing, recreation focused hospitality, and place based businesses such as a hot spring.

With the nature of Opportunity Zone investing, investors can only place capital gains in our funds. The major benefits of Opportunity Zone investing are that investors can invest their tax associated with their capital gains and the appreciation of the investment, including the appreciation of the invested tax money, is 100% tax free.

Each fund Four Points launches has a 10 year hold requirement, which is necessary both to achieve our expected returns and to satisfy the prerequisites to earn the tax benefits of investing in Opportunity Zones. A new fund is launched every 6 months to enable investor liquidity as soon as possible after the decade hold period. There is a $100K minimum to invest.

Want more information? Request access to our fund documents, which highlight committed investments, our legacy, and a more detailed vision of our investment strategy.

One of the top 10 Opportunity Zone funds in the nation

The OZ 20, by Forbes and Sorenson Impact

Four Points Funding was initially named one of the top 10 Opportunity Zone Funds in the nation. We then received further recognition from Forbes as the #1 fund investing in our category. Read More.


The Four Points team is more than just capital partners. They have supported our mission and vision for Camp V and we are grateful to have partners who are aligned with our goals.

Natalie Binder, Founder of Camp V

Camp V is 120 acres of cabins, glamping, camping and van spots, mountain biking, river access, ATV off-roading, art, architecture, and community between Moab and Telluride.

Four Points took the time to truly understand the unique assets of our community. They are making smart investments in the future of Colorado!

Makala Barton, Economic Development Coordinator, Rio Blanco County

One of the tuck-in projects for Fund 1 is Trail & Hitch, a 20 acre site in Meeker. The site is being repurposed from an RV Park to tiny homes and better RV/van/camping spots for the increased demand in recreation and the nearby major hospital.

Fund II Open to Investors

Our second fund is now open to accredited investors. Four Points secured significant bridge capital before launching any of our funds to commit to and control high quality investments. This enables each of our funds to open with a portfolio of committed projects, granting investors immediate insight and diversification. We launch a new fund roughly every six months. Opportunity Zone investments can improve investor returns 30-40% over comparable non-OZ investments.

Grand Junction
Mutli-Family Housing
Total Equity: $5.9M
Deal Size: $21.6M
Glenwood Springs
Multi-Family Housing
Total Equity: $9.6M
Deal Size: $27.4M
Total Equity: $2.3M
Deal Size: $3M
More Information on Fund II

Who We Are

Four Points Funding has made hundreds of real estate investments across Colorado’s emerging communities since 2013 - well before Opportunity Zones existed. Our unique advantage is our knowledge and relationships throughout the Western Slope of Colorado. Our team brings unparalleled expertise in Colorado Opportunity Zones, unique exposure to high value markets that remain off the radar of most investors, and a track record of strong returns.

Meet Our Team

Opportunity Zones Explained

By investing in Opportunity Zone funds, investors can both defer and reduce their tax liability on their recently realized capital gains, as well as completely eliminate future taxes on gains earned within the Opportunity Zone fund. If you are unfamiliar with the required timing of investing in an Opportunity Zone fund or how the benefits work, we encourage reading about the basics.

OZ 101

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