Our Ethos

Rural Resilience and Vibrancy

Four Points Funding wants to continue establishing itself as a key partner in rural community revitalization and growth. Our focus to accomplish this is our Opportunity Zone Funds. We also previously managed an angel syndicate, West Slope Angels, that invested in companies across Western Colorado.

The geography we are focused on, “rural Colorado,” might seem specific to some, but in reality it is expansive. This encompasses all of Colorado other than the Front Range (Colorado's metropolitan corridor). We believe there is a greater opportunity for impact, and above-market returns, in emerging communities outside of the Front Range.

"Opportunity zones were designed to bring in capital to places that need it most, but that doesn’t make it easy to get community buy-in when you live a few towns away. Four Points Funding more than makes up for it with “a lot of integrity,” says Sarah Shrader, an entrepreneur local to Grand Junction. “When you get a company like Four Points Funding, who comes in and says, ‘What do you need from us? Here’s what we can do, but what do you need? Because this is your project. We want you to own it, and we want to just be here to help, and assist, and grow and partner with you.’ And that, I think the crucial part of opportunity zones, is really empowering these rural communities to recreate who they are.”

-Forbes, "Four Points Funding Revitalizes Hope in Rural Colorado."

The Immediate Need For Workforce Housing

A grand majority of Four Points Funding's investment dollars go towards large workforce multi-family housing developments. The developments provide for an immediate need of modern and accessible workforce housing in areas experiencing rapid economic and population growth. Growth is scary for locals. We understand because our team all lives in and cherishes the same types of communities in which we are investing. Once you realize how inevitable the growth is, the mindset shifts to how we can ensure these communities benefit from the growth while retaining their workforce and culture. The answer is resoundingly to build more housing and to ensure the housing is accessible to the community's workforce. The large housing projects are also what enable our comparatively smaller outdoor-focused hospitality projects.

"Four Points Funding is changing the lives of workers in rural Colorado with their investment in high-quality, workforce housing—that wouldn’t happen without Opportunity Zones. By attracting investors to smaller markets that they would usually overlook, Four Points is using the power of Opportunity Zones to raise the standard of living and bring new businesses to these neighborhoods. I am grateful for the work they’re doing and the lives that will be forever changed."

-Senator Tim Scott, "Scott Virtual Tour Highlights OZ Investment in Rural Colorado."

"The coronavirus pandemic is leading to a new phenomenon: a migration to “gateway communities,” or small towns near major public lands and ski resorts as people’s jobs increasingly become remote-friendly. This is straining the towns’ resources and putting pressure on them to adapt. A new paper published in the Journal of the American Planning Association shows that populations in these communities were already growing before COVID-19 hit, leading to some problems traditionally thought of as urban issues, like lack of affordable housing, availability of public transit, congestion, and income inequality. And while COVID-19 has accelerated the friction, the study suggests that urban planners can help places adjust.”

-Fast Company, "Zoom Towns are Exploding Across the West."

Financial Return and Community Benefit

Our top priorities as a firm are creating both an outstanding financial return for our investors and an immediate and ongoing positive impact for the communities in which we are investing. In the for-profit investment world, returns and impact often are viewed as mutually exclusive, or minimally that one will reduce the other. However, we hold the strong belief that the more impact and community support our projects have, the greater financial return they will achieve.

"Experienced practitioners like Four Points prove that OZs can generate both impact and return.”

-FORTUNE, "Opportunity Zones haven’t fully reached their potential, but don’t write them off yet."