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Fund V Closed: a Reflection and What's Next

We are thrilled to announce that Fund V closed in September. Our top priority is completing and stabilizing our existing portfolio of assets, which now consists of over $270M of housing and hospitality assets.

Fund V Last Call: Why Invest in Idaho Springs

We are excited to announce that Fund V is now 90% subscribed, investing in 119 units of housing in Idaho Springs.

The National Spotlight is on Colorado as the State Looks for Solutions to the Housing Crisis

Even with new Colorado legislation in the works to help buyers and renters, demand continues to outpace supply

Types of Capital Gains and Their Ongoing Qualifying Investment Timelines

Certain capital gains dating back to January 1, 2022 still qualify for investment

Our Investing in 2023

Even as the short-term economic environment worsens, we continue to find fantastic investment opportunities supported by exceedingly strong demand for rental housing and minimal development competition.

Four Points Funding: A Case Study On Housing Opportunity And Community Impact In Rural Colorado

A Forbes article that provides an in-depth overview of our investing, progress and strategy.

Fund IV Fully Funded, Reach $200M Mark

We are thrilled that Fund IV reached our target fundraise and closed earlier than expected. The strong investor participation is a validation of our thesis and market, and we are extremely thankful for all of the support.

Colorado Mountain Migration Report Shines Light on Housing Crisis

Amongst a plethora of information worth sharing, mountain town residents ranked affordable housing and the availability of housing as the top two most critical issues facing their communities.

Record Colorado Housing Prices Show Dire Need for Workforce Housing

More than $15 billion in property sales in 2020 in the eight main Colorado mountain counties marks a 61% increase over 2019, the largest increase ever.

How Biden & an Increasing Capital Gains Tax Affects OZ Investing

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how exactly an increase in capital gains tax affects the returns of an OZ investment. The end result is positive, albeit somewhat nuanced.

The US Housing Shortage is Especially Alarming in Colorado

In Colorado, there is just over a 3 week supply of single-family homes and a 1.1 month supply of condos and townhomes, the lowest on record. 4-6 months of supply is considered balanced.

How We Manage All of Our Activity as a Small Team

One of the most frequently asked questions from prospective investors is in regards to the size of our team and capacity.

Fund III Presentation Transcription & Recording

Announcement of new projects under contract, Q+A from investors, fundraising updates, and more.

March 31st Opportunity Zone Investment Deadline Extension

Any capital gains realized on or after October 4, 2019, and any partnership gains realized on or after January 1, 2019, still qualify for investment in an Opportunity Zone Fund until March 31, 2021

Colorado Opportunity Zone Map

Understanding Colorado's intentional selection of Opportunity Zones and the incentive's ability to attract capital to the state requires more than a quick visual inspection of an OZ map. Explore Colorado’s Opportunity Zone Map with Four Points Funding.

Colorado Opportunity Zone Fund Reflects on 2020

Our Opportunity Zone Funds enjoyed incredible support and momentum despite a challenging 2020. As we reflect, we want to share our important milestones in 2020 and how they have prepared us for another successful year.

December 31st Investment Deadline Approaching

IRS Opportunity Zone extensions gave Opportunity Zones time to mature into a mainstream investment vehicle.

Remote Work Spurs 14-23 Million U.S. Households to Move

Populations in western Colorado, for example, were projected to rise more than +67% by 2050. Now, in 2020 the number of people looking for homes in rural areas has increased +115% compared to 2019.

Four Points Funding Invests $60M in Colorado's Future, it's Gateway Towns

People are rapidly migrating to western “gateway towns,” or small towns adjacent to public lands, ski areas, and outdoor recreation.

Capital Gains Dating Back to 2019 Eligible for OZ Investment

If you realized a capital gainson or after October 4th, 2019, it qualifies for investment in an OZ Fund until December 31, 2020

Opportunity Zone Impact Reporting Frameworks

There are no impact reporting requirements for Opportunity Zones today, but many proposals exist to change that.

The Politicization of Opportunity Zones

Critics claim OZ legislation is an unnecessary tax incentive, while advocates insist the legislation is proliferating the flow of capital to regions often overlooked by investors.

Implications of Colorado's 2020 Housing Price Surge

The last decade saw the lowest amount of new housing development nationally since 1959, including Colorado markets, which ended the recent decade with record lows.

How Our Unique Fund Mechanics Benefit Investors

Though our OZ Funds generally mirror “standard” real estate investment funds, a number of special considerations are required in order to safely maximize OZ incentives.

Comparing the Returns of an OZ Investment to a Non-OZ Investment

We explain how to compare the benefits and returns of an OZ investment to a non-OZ investment. There are several important financial advantages in addition to the often discussed tax incentives of deferral, reduction and forgiveness of capital gains.

Our Tools for Success in Rural Markets

Investing in rural markets requires a distinct set of tools. In our latest letter to investors, we explain some of Four Points Funding's keys to finding uncommon value in untapped markets.

Investor Focus on Major Cities Creates Opportunity in Smaller Markets

Markets deserving of investment in the United States, and especially in Colorado, are getting overlooked due to the biased flow of capital to larger markets.

Migration to Western Colorado is Accelerating

Enjoying an outdoor recreation-driven lifestyle is no longer a fantasy for people, which are expected to drive a +67% increase in Colorado’s West Slope population by 2050.

IRS Provides Extension to Place Capital Gains in OZ Funds

Deadline for many investors to place capital gains in OZ Funds is now July 15 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opportunity Zones During a Downturn

In our most recent letter to investors, we discuss some timely considerations of placing capital in OZ Funds.

Why 1031 Investors Are Migrating to Opportunity Zones

1031 investors are considering Opportunity Zones as an alternative vehicle to gain liquidity without sacrificing all their tax benefits.

Redefining "Rural" In the Eyes of Investors

Four Points Funding is focused on unlocking nascent value in the overlooked and undervalued communities outside major metropolitan areas. Attracting capital at scale to these areas requires some new ways of thinking and operating.

Four Points Named a Top Fund in the Nation

Last week, we received further recognition from Forbes as the #1 fund investing in our category

Investor Update: Great Progress, Fund I Closing

6 Projects and $17.6M Equity Committed, Final OZ Regulations Provide Clear Sailing, 1231 Gains Get Exceptionally Favorable Treatment

Venture Capitalists Looking to Remote Rocky Mountains for Start-Up, Real Estate Opportunities

Venture capital money from California's lucrative Silicon Valley is flowing more and more each year into Colorado

Q3 Update: Our Initial Opportunity Zone Investments

After over a year of waiting on IRS guidance and preparing, it's truly exciting to make our first Opportunity Zone investments.

Four Points Featured in The Colorado Sun

The Western Slope economy was already improving. Then Opportunity Zones added a power boost.

Four Points Funding Announces Opening of Trail & Hitch, Meeker

Meeker’s Newest Tiny Home Resort and RV Park Opens it's Gates This Fall