Colorado-Based Four Points Funding Recognized as a Leading Opportunity Zone Fund

December 16, 2019
Forbes OZ List

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo., Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Four Points Funding (4PF), a private real estate investment firm with offices in Steamboat Springs and Denver, was recognized as a leading Opportunity Zone fund nationally in the The Forbes OZ 20: Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts, a partnership between Forbes Magazine and the Sorenson Impact Center. The Forbes OZ 20 recognizes OZ Funds and community organizations that are committed to achieving equitable economic growth in underserved and overlooked communities throughout the county.

Four Points Funding (4PF) is a for-profit investment fund that believes Colorado's give first ethos is the best way to maximize profits and impact. Through their Rural COZ Opportunity Zone Fund, 4PF is building the path to investing at scale across Colorado's emerging communities.

Stephanie Copeland, Partner at Four Points Funding, and former Executive Director at the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade where she led the nomination of Opportunity Zones across the state, expressed her excitement of the nomination: "The Western Slope of Colorado is loaded with untapped potential for investment." "The lack of attainable housing, across towns all over the western slope, is something we are working to address and open that path for investment from the urban markets," said Copeland. "With strong project underwriting and significant upside for investors looking to take advantage of the Opportunity Zone benefits, as a firm, we seek to deliver value and returns to our investors while driving positive change in these communities."

"We are honored to be recognized amongst this group of funds that are driving positive change across the county," said Chris Montgomery, Partner at Four Points Funding. "We are targeting investments in areas primed for growth across the western slope," said Montgomery. "Coordination with the community is a big part of our success. The OZ legislation allows us now to take that ground-up approach to scale. We are providing investors Rural Colorado as its own Asset Class." "Above all," said Montgomery, "we live in Colorado, it's why we invest here."

More than 8,700 opportunity zones were designated as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These zones were selected to drive investment into distressed communities. The incentive offers deferments and savings on capital gains when investors deploy funds in opportunity zone projects.

Four Points Funding is an active supporter of the rural business ecosystem through West Slope Angels, an angel syndicate & investing network, with chapters across the state.

Interactive Opportunity Zone Map